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Since 1985 AMJEL has managed thousands of successful direct-mail campaigns that include a wide range of blanket-saturation and pinpoint targeted mailings. From simple postcards to entire publications, if it needs to be in a mailbox, AMJEL has the expertise to complete any project on time at desirable unit costs.



Free-standing newspaper and TMC inserts are one of the most impactful print advertising methods available. Penetrating large areas all at once, featuring zip code selects, our network of best-in-market publications reaches tens of millions of unique households across the US every week.




Tangible ads produce measurable results. Whether your campaign is driven by Direct Mail or FSI’s, tracking “how we did” is as important as the message itself, timing and where it’s being delivered.

Print avoids the challenges of other media environments. The tactile nature of print is relaxed, impactful and responsive.

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Amjel FAQ’s

  • As the world becomes more digital, what case for the ad dollar does print make?

    Print stands out. It is tangible, credible, engaging and doesn’t carry the noise of most other mediums. With so many short attention spans and media so fragmented, there is no other method of blanketing an entire marketing area with a single advertising message. Our clients continually tell us that they are re-discovering how powerful print advertising is and it's a fundamental part of their marketing mix.


  • Who leads the company AMJEL and what the heck is an AMJEL anyway?

    AMJEL is led by industry veteran Jerry Mallach and serves businesses that desire creative print marketing solutions. The name “AMJEL” is an acronym derived from the names of his wife and children.


  • Why aren’t there client names listed on the site?

    Every aspect of our process is completely private, especially with whom we conduct business. From decades ago when we were working with local retailers, to today where we serve national and regional clients, we will never disclose any client information. Additionally we limit ourselves to a single advertiser per category.


  • We have found that we can do our own direct mail, why should we hire AMJEL?

    When mailing smaller quantities (generally <50k) we recommend clients manage it themselves. When talking about mailings of a larger scale or multiple states, expertise is necessary to getting the job done right. More often than not, once all costs are factored in, AMJEL gets the job done better-faster-cheaper than attempting it in house.


  • Do you have market information available for download?

    Yes. Contact our office at 800-990-8838 ext. 101 for access.

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Facts about direct mail:

  • 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it’s delivered
  • 77% of consumers sort through mail immediately
  • 55% of consumers “look forward” to discovering the mail they receive.